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Submitted on Tue, January 26, 2016
Ashoka’s Youth Venture has teamed up with the Malala Fund to profile stories of young changemakers around the world as part of the Stand #withMalala campaign surrounding the release of the film, HE NAMED ME MALALA. Ashoka spoke seperately with youth innovators Christine Gatwiri (CG), who founded the Soh Wiki & 1 Bob initiative in Kenya, and the leader of Argentina’s...
Submitted on Mon, August 24, 2015
*This article was originally published in The Huffington Post, on 14 August, 2015 by Youth Venture’s Mohsin Mohi Ud Din. Youth Venture recently gave a keynote speech at the Global Citizen Initiative Youth Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was a special opportunity to meet some incredible young social entrepreneurs and scholars from all over the world. We...
Submitted on Mon, August 10, 2015
Each year for #YouthDay, promoting youth issues can sometimes neglect to offer tangible examples for why young people should be more included in decision-making processes, and valued as change agents in schools, companies and organizations. Many young people are leading their own movements for social change and promoting the core skills of empathy, teamwork, fluid...

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DEADLINE, 18 November: Are you interested in demonstrating how the fashion industry can be a force for changemaking and social good? Two prizes will be awarded to the most innovative ideas for creating a ethical and sustainable apparel industry. Also, the Fabric of Change Challenge...

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