Youth Ventures stand #withMalala

Ashoka’s Youth Venture has teamed up with the Malala Fund to profile stories of young changemakers. Check out these exclusive interviews with youth ventures from Kenya and Argentina!

Meet the Ashoka YV US Youth Council!

We are pursuing a bold new initiative of uniting and collaborating with rock-star young changemakers across the world! Follow #AshokaYCouncil

Youth #MakingMoreHealth Global Challenge

Find out what happened when young engineers, storytellers, mental-health advocates from all over the world united to design and innovate at the headquarters of a leading global health-care company, Boehringer Ingelheim.

Youth Venture @ #Exchange2016 with Ashoka U

View a quick snapshot of what transpired and access changemaker insights from Youth Venture at #Exchange2016!

Young changemakers showcase their ideas

Recently, the next generation of Changemakers at Old Mill Middle School came together to present their changemaker projects for building a better world for all.

Young changemakers are the carriers of creativity, innovation and changemaking!

Learn how Youth Venture globally works with youth and the youth ecosystem...
Can teens really self-organize and invent ways for communities to overcome complex social-economic issues in the United States, such as: water pollution, homelessness and discrimination? Graduating senior Inshira Mohi-Ud-Din was on the scene in Anne Arundel County, Maryland to find out what youth-led changemaking really looks like.Recently, the next generation of...
Submitted on Tue, April 26, 2016
Youth Venture had the awesome opportunity to lead more than 4 interactive changemaker sessions at this year's #Exchange2016, hosted by Ashoka U in New Orleans. Each year, Ashoka U mobilzes more than 700 innovators and leaders in higher education to share best practices and work as a team of teams towards social impact and innovation across campuses.  Our Youth...
The university space is one that carries incredible promise for collaborative experiences where faculty, students and the surrounding community can together expand opportunities for social good, empathy and people-centered solutions. But what environment should universities co-create with students for youth-changemaking to flourish; and what best practices are already out...

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Keep checking back for grant and support opportunities for youth changemakers! No step is too small. Put your ideas out there and engage in opporutnities to learn, connect and amplify your changemaking ideas for your community!

#Notice2POTUS Youth Essay Contest

BMe invites young people across America--between 14-24 years old--to send in opinion/research essays for a chance to win $1,000 in prize money, plus a chance to present at public forums. Get invovled and share your voice this election year!...

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A group of 35 summer interns tell the story of Ashoka in their own words

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