Dream it. Do it. Challenge

The Dream It Do It Challenge (DDC) is a series of facilitated engagements that guide a cohort of young people (ideally ages 12-17) towards launching their own social ventures. Each of the four, six-hour sessions (which can be further broken up) is anchored by a set of core activities that support participants in each distinct phase of venture implementation, from the genesis of the original idea, to execution, initial financing, and implementation.

Throughout, participants examine local, societal and global issues; share ideas and personal experiences; and refine plans and engage in teamwork, public speaking, and peer support. With each workshop, participants move towards a greater level of innovative and creative thinking; goal orientation; and refined problem-solving skills. Each team selects an Adult Ally, who provides mentoring and support to the team as needed.

Within all of the tools and activities that we use in the DDC lies an essential clarity of purpose – to support and guide young people as they prepare and then launch a Venture. With this intentionality, activities are sequenced to complement and build on each other, eliciting increasingly complex and nuanced modes of thinking and analysis. As participants engage in this process they will be encouraged to think about and reflect on who they are, and on their relationships with others; to “listen” to the perspectives of their peers, and to understand the value of engaging with individuals who may hold different or competing opinions; to think creatively; to problem-solve; and to work together to construct and then answer their own questions.

Dream It Do It Impact

  • Bolster existing community partnerships and affiliations as well as community image by bringing an innovative engagement offering to youth
  • Gain access to talent, attracting more problem-solving, entrepreneurial students to Louisville as their potential college of choice
  • Build a reputation as an institution to which changemaker high schoolers and those seeking a changemaking experience will want to apply
  • Engage different schools and disciplines through research, implementation, and student engagement