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There are more than five billion pieces of contnet put online each day. In today's world of hyperconnectivity and digital communications, the realization of peace, economic development, and innovation will depend heavily on one's ability to powerfully design and communicate ideas, messages, and solutions. In fact, the skills of effective communication and creative collaboration are listed by the World Economic Forum as in-demand skills for the next decade. The jobs of tomorrow will require a mastery of human skills and inter-personal communications that machines cannot yet replace.

Being that 'community' and 'communications' share the same root, Youth Venture continues to be a thought-leader and innovator in powerful online and offline trianings and programs where youth, employees, teachers, and entrepreneurs exercise their storytelling and communications muscles to generate social/emotional develpoment, community impact, and changemaking. 


'A story is a thing that does, not a thing that is...' Brian Boyd

#MeWeSyria in zaatari refugee camp
#MeWeSyria in zaatari refugee camp, by mohsin

We see the process of storytelling and interpersonal communications is vital for workforce skills development, individual social and emotional development, and community-level changemaking. 'Storytelling for Changemakers' is an education and training platform that leverages storytelling, self-awareness, and entrepreneurship to sync wellbeing, passion, and purpose among young people, educators, and advanced social entrepreneurs. By decentralizing the science of storytelling for personal and social impact, the skills learned and bonds built through 'Storytelling for Changemakers' are then leveraged to design community changemaking projects led by youth, and impact professional development experiences for restoring individuals’ sense of control and opportunity. Replicators and partners of the program inject youth leadership and innovation into their communities by activating youth-led storytelling in changemaker hubs where youth literally and figuratively author their futures, while enhancing social and emotional learning, wellbeing, and inter-personal communication. 



Teachers and Schools: How can teachers integrate storytelling and commucnaitons skills into the classroom so that schools become spaces where empathy, creative collabration, leadership, and creative probelm solving are exercised? We are co-creating ways to pilot our powerful storytelling methodology with educators and schools across the country so that schools can be student/teacher-led hubs for changemaking and community-building. Our program is also being piloted by teachers as a professional develpoment tool for educators. Contact us below to bring our program to your school or community. 

Refugee Youth and Humanitarian Organizations: #MeWeSyria is merging neuroscience, mental health/psychosocial support, and communications literacy into a refugee-led program where refugee youth are literally and figurativley authoring their futures. This program trains staff of youth organizations and refugee facilitators on how to replicate the program and localize it their  #MeWeSyria hubs with youth. Our program is operating in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. Connect with us if you would like to help us scale in Europe, the Middle East, Latin Ameirca, Africa, or North America!

Social Entrepreneurs: Our storytelling experts parnter with Ashoka Changemakers on an experiential 2 day training to support social entrepreneurs and staff to undertsand the science of storytelling for business and community-impact. The interactive session supports innovators to unlock their inner changemakers and integrate authentic storytelling and effective communications into their changemaker work. Our program has supported more than 60 social entrepreurs in Austria, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Spain. 

Youth and Youth Organizations



#MeWeSyria impact slide 1
#MeWeSyria impact slide 1, by Mohsin

Our award winning program is being used across the world by multiple stakeholders, incuding: Syrian refugees, social entrepreneurs in Europe, educators and schools in the United States, and youth organziations in the Middle East. In 2017, "Storytelling for Changeamakers" has presented its unique methodoogy at the United Nations and MiT, and been awarded a "Solver" by Solve MiT. The refugee version of this program in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan has reached more than 500 refugee youth and caretakers since 2016, and initial data from our psychometric scale of 55 beneficiaries indicated 60-70% growth points in empathy, leadership, and capacities for stress control. 

Our work has been featured on VICE NEWS, Al JAZEERA AMERICA, MIT'S SOLVE, and the HUFFINGTON POST.



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