South Asia

Problem being Solved:

India is the youngest country in the world with 600 million below the age of 21. But, 1 out of 3 young graduates are unemployed in India. The situation is even worse in rural areas where 60% of India’s youth resides. In India, a person in an urban area has a 93% greater chance of training than someone in rural area. Rural graduates are mostly first generation college goers who lack awareness of opportunities, cannot access resources, and do not have skills to fit into market.


Venture Brief:

Through our Professional development services program, Bodhi Tree Skills endeavours to equip rural college graduates with professional skills to empower them to explore and choose best career option either joining workforce or pursuing higher education. Through Fellowship program, we address the need to the need to create young rural leaders. BTSF is a unique two-year program that brings first year graduates from rural backgrounds, and trains them to become well rounded individuals. The fellows will be trained as English language teachers and will tutor young children in their own communities.

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