Funding Resources

Ashoka's Youth Venture recommends these organizations to help fund your venture.

Start Some Good

Start Some Good

StartSomeGood empowers people from around the world to become social innovators. By connecting social entrepreneurs with the financial and intellectual capital they need to transform an idea for improving the world into a reality, together we can turn ideas into action and impact.

There are no shortage of problems in the world, and no shortage of people with ideas to address them, yet they lack the resources that they need to get started. StartSomeGood provides social entrepreneurs with a platform to raise start-up funds and build a community of supporters -- all in a fun, engaging and community-driven way. Our site taps into the power of the crowd, allowing social entrepreneurs to ask for small amounts of money from supporters from around the world, and gives them the tools to update their supporters, provide unique rewards in exchange for support and run multiple campaigns over time.


PiggyBackr is passionate about empowering young people to achieve their goals, to develop 21st century skills from an early age, and to help their schools, teams, and communities raise funds more effectively. While working with young people of all ages and backgrounds, we learned two important things.

  1. Fundraising at any age is difficult.
  2. People prefer to give to young people who work hard.


Based on these two insights, Piggybackr was designed to teach young people how to fundraise by providing tangible actions, resources, encouragement, and the chance to present themselves and display their hard work and learning. It's not just about raising the most money, it's about perservering, building relationships with supporters, and regardless of the outcome, knowing you tried and learned something too. These are the kinds of young people who warm our hearts, make us want to get behind them, and ultimately grow up to be successful adults.

Start Some Good

The World We Want Foundation

The World We Want Foundation supports and promotes Young Global Citizens making positive change in their communities and around the world.  The Foundation offers the first online crowdfunding platform for a spectrum of youth-driven social action projects—from community service projects to service-learning projects to seed funding for social ventures.    

Grants range from $250-$5,000 for projects conducted by Young Global Citizens addressing social pressing issues and challenges in their communities.  We share the outcomes and impacts of the project in a digital medium on our website to educate and inspire the global community.  Qualified applications must have a Project Team of one or more youth, a qualified tax-exempt 501c3 Partner Organization that supports and sponsors your Team, and a Project Mentor to guide and advise your Team.  Grants are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed upon submission by The World We Want Foundation.  Visit The World We Want Foundation web site to open an account and begin the application process.

If your organization helps youth raise money for there idea and would like to be on the list, click here.