Global Youth Advisory Council

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Collaboration, Support and Impact 

Young changemakers are the unsung heroes of our time, and are vital carriers of the innovation and hope needed to navigate today’s world of accelerating change. 

Today's young innovators are hungry for both a creative space of cross-cultural collaboration among their peers, and pathways/tools to influence decision-making platforms for meaningful frame-change in their communities.

The Idea

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is seizing this opportunity to amplify the powerful work of young changemakers through the establishment of Ashoka’s inaugural Global Youth Advisory Council. Consisting of the world’s most promising social entrepreneurs, (ages 12 through early 20s), the council will serve as a renowned group of peers working together to change the course of history.

Through the establishment of the Global Youth Council, Ashoka’s Youth Venture will:

  • Equip aspiring changemakers to master the core changemaker pathways of Cognitive Empathy, Building Team of Teams, Fluid Leadership and Changemaking.  
  • Co-create with young changemakers creative ways for carrying out changemaking across the youth ecosystem. Ashoka’s Youth Venture will work with the Council co-design effective youth changemaker engagements.  

Changemakers in the Global Youth Council will:

  • Collaborate on a national campaign of their own design, innovate changemaker youth engagements with Ashoka and Youth Venture, and lead with solutions that will advance their causes in a peaceful, powerful way that cuts across religious, racial, economic and national barriers.

The Council will prepare each nation with the next cohort of peacemakers, innovators and frame-changers. The Global Youth Council will also be a key mechanism for ensuring that Ashoka’s global leadership is plugged into youth ideas, needs and concerns. Youth leders will be given agency in helping guide changemaker work for the youth ecosystem. 

As the Youth Council is in its early stages of development, Ashoka's Youth Venture are piloting a regional Council in the United States, with plans for expansion to co-create Councils in East Africa, Southern Africa and Latin America regions. Geographic representation and diversity are an important pillar for the Council's mandate.  

Where are the Councils located?

North America Youth Council- (Pilot activated | Meet and engage with the US Youth Council!)

*East Africa/Southern Africa Youth Council-(In process of being selected)

*Latin America Youth Council- (To be determined)


*Ashoka's Youth Venture is part of a diverse and dedicated youth-years team at Ashoka that works to redefine how young people grow up and engage in changemaking, which is why we work with all youth stakeholders: teachers, schools, parents, companies and youth organizations.