You can bring youth venturing to your community with 15 years’ worth of methodologies and content that YV has to offer. YV can provide training, ongoing guidance, and user-friendly materials and tools to support your efforts to enable your youth to become changemakers through venturing. The Youth Venture content is geared to middle school, high-school, and university students with varying curricular packages according to the group age. At all education levels, our program weaves the social entrepreneurship experience into school life and provides students with continuous support through our online learning platform. Each workshop series attracts between 20-60+ students and ranges between an intense weekend training to a 10-week workshop series.

Licensing Impact

  • Engage different schools and disciplines in the work through research, implementation, and student engagement.
  • Assume control of curriculum for specialized use across schools and disciplines as well as extracurricularly
  • Bolster existing community partnerships and affiliations as well as community image by bringing an innovative engagement offering to youth

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