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Anne Arundel County Public School workshop

How we work with schools…

What is the 'why' for our schools and academic institutions? Is it preparing students for the 21st century by developing their technological capacities and increasing their test scores? Or, should our education centers also supply the world with young changemakers who master key skills of creativity, empathy, problem solving, innovation, civic engagement and changemaking? 

To cultivate a world where everyone becomes a changemaker, Youth Venture sees a need to make big changes in the way teachers, schools and young people interact with one another. 

Youth Venture is developing innovative workshops, school programs and exercises designed to: build youth-led education spaces; help educators integrate changemaking into their curriculum; and enable teachers, parents, students and administrators to discover their inner changemakers, and master the skills of Empathy, Teamwork, Fluid Leadership and Changemaking.

In doing so, we cultivate a collaborative education environment where students grow to become leaders and creative agents of change and innovation in the classroom and the community. 

Proof of impact…

Youth Venture is currently partnering with the leadership of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools district, comprised of over 100 schools and 80,000 students. In its pilot program, Youth Venture has worked with 40 selected teachers to discover changemaking in their own lives, and then create with the educators individualized approaches to integrate changemaking into their STEM based curricula for more than 750 students ranging from elementary to high school youth.  The program, led by Youth Venture, has reinvigorated the education landscape of Anne Arundel County.

*Watch the video below to hear school principals, superintendents, teachers, parents and students illustrate the impact of the changemaker intervention: 

So far, around 45% of the students strongly agree that the changemaker workshops have been a life changing experience for them. Students have self-reported that the attributes of leadership, empathy and teamwork have increased by at least 30% just after introductory workshops.

The impact of Youth Venture's trainings creates ripple effects into society that enables young Changemakers to thrive and advance their communities through leadership, teamwork, empathy and changemaking. 

How It Works…

Building on its decades of experience and refined methodologies, Youth Venture helps teams of teachers, students, parents and schools' leadership to...

  • Discover changemaking in their personal and professional lives 
  • Co-create strategies for teachers and principals to integrate changemaking in the classroom, day to day
  • Utilize proven tools provided by Youth Venture such as our 'Dream it Do it Challenge' curriculum that helps young people launch their own sustainable social ventures 
  • Work together to create a strategic plan for systems-level change that will support a collaborative education ecosystem where students and teachers evolve as changemakers 
  • Develop with parent/teacher networks opportunities for parents to support changemaking in their homes. 

Join the changemaker movement and engage with Youth Venture to transform your school district into a changemaker district. Contact Vipin Thekk to start your journey: tvipin(at)ashoka(dot)org.