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The teams featured bellow are venturers that are part of YV's fiscal sponsorship program. Fiscal sponsorship is a formal legal arrangement in which Youth Venture Inc. (a 501(c)(3) non profit) offers our legal and tax-exempt status to groups engaged in activities related to our mission. Fiscal sponsorship enables youth teams to share Youth Venture’s administrative platform and legal status. This is a great alternative to starting a own nonprofit because it allows Youth Venturers to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under Youth Venture’s exempt status. We ask each sponsored YV team to "pay forward" 10% of revenues that are raised through YV’s 501(c)(3) toward YV supporting other young people to launch ventures. 

Our Fiscal Sponsorships:



Kaya Collaborative

10% of the global Filipino population lives outside of the Philippines and 10% of Filipino GDP is powered by investments from this diaspora. But these resources are almost never invested in sustainable and systemic models of change. The Kaya Collaborative's fellowship program will bring emerging diaspora leaders to the Philippines for an immersive summer internship and in the end develop "agents of exchange" who will activate their diaspora communities in support of ventures that hold potential to both grow and equalize the Philippine economy.

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My Name My Story is an organization that develops changemakers based on the belief that stories inspire empathy, and empathy drives change.  We teach students the 21st century skills of a social entrepreneur, empowering them to seize opportunities that others miss by inventing new approaches, collaborating with other leaders, and developing sustainable solutions to social problems. The MNMS program provides students with the tools needed to create opportunities on their school campuses. These programs will engage students with one another, teach the skills they need to instill confidence in their potential for success, and offer new platforms for what leadership looks like within their communities. Our goal is to create a more empathetic school culture and empower students to be agents of change on and off  of their campus. 

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