What We Do


Imagine if everyone in society took the initiative to address problems and lead positive change. The greatest contribution that Ashoka® can make is to increase dramatically the number of changemakers in the world who develop new solutions to issues, mobilize others, and improve society.  We believe that the key factor for success for every community – be it a company, a city or a country – is the proportion of its population who are changemakers.  We also believe that the skills and mindset of a changemaker will be central to the success of every individual, in particular in an economy and society that are defined by change.

Ashoka aims to create a changemaker society, starting with the youth generation, by encouraging and enabling young people to become changemakers through the act of taking initiative on an issue they care about and creating positive change.  Through a transformative experience of designing and leading their own social change ventures, young people realize that they are powerful and are highly likely to continue on the path as changemakers throughout their lives.

Through Ashoka’s Youth Venture program, nearly 5,000 teams of young people have launched and led their own community-serving ventures. These ventures serve thousands more people. The venture teams come away knowing that they are changemakers and with entrepreneurial, leadership, teamwork and empathy skills that are critical to their success in work, school and life.

Over the past several years, “changemaker” has become a factor in admissions and hiring, professional development, and educational programming.

Youth Venture’s goals are:

  • To provide opportunities for young people to develop critical life skills of team building, leadership, problem-solving, and ethical fiber by launching and leading their own community-minded club, organization, or businesses that create positive impact.
  • To support young people on a lifelong path as a changemaker that will help them grow to be healthy, resilient, and caring members of their community.
  • To help each part of society be more successful by increasing the proportion of their population who are changemakers.