When Young People Take Action!

Submitted on Wed, January 23, 2013

Youth Venture believes that the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to increase dramatically the number of changemakers today and in every future generation.  We've seen the power of  young people taking action and have a vision of a world where everyone has the freedom, confidence and support to drive change.   We know following your passion is not always an easy task and that's why creating a community around you of peers and mentors who can support, inspire and encourage you is so important. 

Every now and then we stop to celebrate the successes of those in our Youth Venture community and hope these stories can be a source of inspiration for you!

Recently, one of our Venturers, Yasmine Arrington received the Linowes Leadership Award from the Community Foundation of the National Capital Region (DC).  This award recognizes "unsung heroes" --  individuals of creativity, vision, and leadership who serve the Washington, DC community.  For most of Yasmine’s life, her father was in jail.  Her mother, who suffered from depression and pain killer addictions, passed away during Yasmine’s freshman year of high school.  Three years ago, through a partnership between Youth Venture and a local organization, LearnServe International, Yasmine began to understand the power of youth taking action and creating solutions to address the issues in their community they are most passionate about.  Persevering through tragedy, Yasmine saw an opportunity to give hope to aspiring college students with incarcerated parents.  She and her team launched an organization called ScholarCHIPS: for children of incarceraed parents. ScholarCHIPS provides college funding to students with incarcerated parents.  By 2012, Yasmine’s organization awarded its first scholarships to eight students, giving them the chance to go to college and start a life of hope and contribution.

Check out the video below to hear Yasmine talking about what inspires her daily to keep serving. 

"When people ask who I am its like, 'I'm Yasmine Arrington, ScholarChips . . . its like a part of me.' "

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