Who We Are

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is an international community of young changemakers. Our community aims to help an entire generation of young people take initiative to improve their communities now and throughout their lives. Youth Venture inspires and supports teams of young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” - community-benefiting initiatives, clubs, organizations and businesses. Teams access workshops, adult allies (non-controlling adult team advisors), a global network of like-minded young changemakers, and fundraising tools to establish their own Ventures that solve problems around them.

Our teams have created AIDS education campaigns, composting cafeterias, T-shirt companies, skate parks, disaster relief groups, book clubs, tutoring programs, and more.

Youth Venture believes that the greatest contribution we can make to the world is to increase dramatically the number of changemakers today and in every future generation. This is the key factor for success for every part of society, from a school to a company to an entire country.

Youth Venture operates in 23 countries and online at www.youthventure.org. Join the global community of changemakers with over 6,000 Venture Teams worldwide!