Youth Venture @ #Exchange2016 with Ashoka U

Submitted on Tue, April 26, 2016

Youth Venture had the awesome opportunity to lead more than 4 interactive changemaker sessions at this year's #Exchange2016, hosted by Ashoka U in New Orleans. Each year, Ashoka U mobilzes more than 700 innovators and leaders in higher education to share best practices and work as a team of teams towards social impact and innovation across campuses. 

Our Youth Venture team led a spectrum of engagements, ranging from experiential trianings on storytelling for changemaking, to design-thinking workshops with student leaders, to collaborative workshops uniting companies, students and university administrators. 

Here is a snapshot of what transpired. Click on the links below to access some of the insights and outcomes from Youth Venture at #Exchange2016! Thanks to Ashoka U for mobilizing universities and celebrating changemaker best-practices in higher-ed across the country!

What is your 'Why'? Storytelling for Changemakers

Human beings are programmed to learn through and live in stories, making storytelling critically important for the changemaker movement. Storytelling remains a pillar of our work because 'storytelling for changemaking' can transform a person from being a passive observer to being the active player in 'Everyone a Changemaker' movement. Stories carry the fire of knowledge, hope and change. 

Youth Venture and Ashoka U led a networking session providing participants with a space to exercise their own storytelling /communications capacities while also building deeper connections with one another. Breaking down siloed communities of concern requires changemaker networks to step into their stories and integrate effective storytelling into every-day changemaker actions.

Amplifying collaborative changemaking across companies, universities and the youth ecosystem

At this year’s Ashoka U Exchange in New Orleans (#Exchange2016), Ashoka’s Youth Venture teamed up with leading health-care company Boehringer Ingelheim to facilitate a workshop space where companies, university leaders and youth discovered ways to better invest in and nurture youth-led social innovation and changemaking. READ MORE...

Co-creating student-led changemaker spaces at universities

The university space is one that carries incredible promise for collaborative experiences where faculty, students and the surrounding community can together expand opportunities for social good, empathy and people-centered solutions. But what environment should universities co-create with students for youth-changemaking to flourish; and what best practices are already out there that can support students to be powerful changemakers?READ MORE...