Youth Venture wins MTV award!

Submitted on Tue, June 23, 2015

The red carpet was rolled out, the cameras were flashing lights, and today's music and movie stars celebrated the MTV Millennial Awards, also known as MTV MiAw. But it was not just entertainment celebrities walking the red carpet and rocking out on stage.

This year, Ashoka’s Youth Venture received an award for supporting the Millennial Generation to become changemakers in Latin America and worldwide, sending a message that young changemakers are today's rock stars.

Every year, MTV gives a special MTV Millennial Award to an individual or an organization that has a social vision.

MTV Youth Venturer Alejandro

 YV and MTV: Partners amplifying youth innovation and changemaking 

Youth Venture's partnership with MTV started 10 years ago with the goal of showcasing incredible social ventures launched by young people working to change the world.

Youth Venture builds a supportive ecosystem across companies, schools, organizations and the media to increase both the supply and demand of young doers, creators and leaders whom are driven to advance their communities and our world. 

Youth Venture and MTV believe that each young person is the carrier of innovation, creativity and changemaking that our world needs to not just survive, but to thrive. By providing media exposure to youth-led, innovative ideas for social change, we can inspire more young people, companies and organizations to value the core skills of changemaking: empathy, teamwork, fluid leadership and creative problem solving. 


Together we have launched diverse thematic campaigns to mobilize youth to generate solutions for specific social problems. Our most successful campaigns have been ‘Making The Switch: Green innovations to stop global warming globally’, and ‘Take The Lead: Preventing HIV/AIDS in Latin American’. Each of the campaigns mobilized thousands or young people to create and launch their own ventures in their local communities. MTV featured these inspiring stories of youth community engagement on TV to amplify their impact and inspire more young changemakers to take action in building a better world today.

Alejandro Maza, an Ashoka Fellow from Mexico, received the MTV award on behalf of Ashoka’s Youth Venture. 

 “I am very excited to receive this award on behalf of Ashoka’s Youth Venture/Avancemos. Ashoka really believes that young people, like me, have the potential for being changemakers. We just need the freedom, the confidence, and the support of society to drive change. Now is our time to participate and innovate with our ideas to address social problems and create change in our local communities,” said Alejandro at the Awards.

If you are a young changemaker, school, or business interested in supporting changemaking or youth engagement in your community, contact Youth Venture today!

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